All of our snacks are free of animal products. You'll never have to worry about accidentally overlooking an ingredient when you subscribe to Crate-of-Plenty.


Eco Friendly

Our crates are shipped in 100% recycled content boxes, with proceeds from each purchase being donated to aid in environmental causes.


Rising Stars

We work with smaller, newer businesses who are just breaking into the market. We scour farmer's markets and local shops for products to feature in our crates.


Guaranteed Tasty

We want to make sure that every item we feature is delicious, so each product is taste-tested before being included in our crates.

about us


At Crate-of-Plenty our aim is to bring you exciting new products that can't necessarily be found in any old grocery store, so you'll always come in to contact with lesser-known, rising vegan companies as well as some industry favorites.

Our founders, Dawn and Brett Livaudais, moved to Southern California 7 years ago from the Deep South. Since then they've found that going back home for visits is always a struggle, as it is often extremely difficult to find quick vegan snacks that aren't just fruit and nuts. Some of their friends back home have also expressed interest in veganism but suffer similar issues, tiring of eating the same 2 vegan snack bar brands every day.

Meanwhile, while living in California, Dawn and Brett have discovered that there are so many fantastic vegan companies that either don't have the exposure they need to grow, or simply haven't yet reached all of the small town grocery stores. Thus, they decided to combine the two groups and create Crate-of-Plenty.

Our aim is to make veganism (in the form of delicious, delicious snacks!) accessible to people everywhere and we hope that you'll join us in promoting veganism as a cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly option.

our crates


Classic Crate

Includes 30 or more servings of snacks every month. Snacks may include baked goods, bars, crackers or chips, and beverages. Crates are shipped on the 7th of each month via USPS Ground. The first installment of your crate will be shipped on March 7th. Free domestic shipping in the US.

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $24.99/mo


Double Crate

Every item found in the Classic Crate-of-Plenty will be doubled up in this one for only $20 more. That means 20-30 snacks for only $39.99, plus free domestic shipping in the US! Double Crates, like Classic Crates, are shipped on the 7th of each month via USPS Ground.

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $44.99/mo


One-Time Delivery

Want to send a vegan snack crate to a friend or family member who might enjoy it, but don't want to make it a long-term commitment? Choose this option to send or receive just one crate. It will be the same assortment as our Classic Crate and, like the others, will be shipped on the 7th of each month. However, this one will not atomatically renew.

Shipped: Once
Price: $29.99

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previously featured snacks

These are some of our favorite snacks featured in previous crates. You can purchase more here:

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